Abduction protection for your newborns and abduction / wander prevention for your pediatric patients

Baby and Child Tagging System for Hospitals

Our KinderGUARD® baby and child tagging solution provides comprehensive security to protect every monitored infant and child to prevent baby snatchings and/or pediatric patient wandering and instill peace of mind for families and staff.  Each baby tag and strap are constructed of medical-grade materials to allow for proper cleaning and, unlike cloth-like straps, are not susceptible to moisture and fluid retention which can lead to bacteria growth, contamination and disruption in functionality.

KinderGUARD® straps, which come in varying lengths to fit a range in sizes from tiny newborns up to teenage pediatric patients, have a foam-backing and the cradle that holds the transmitter is ergonomically curved to ensure a comfortable fit when applied to a baby's ankle or child's wrist.  Tagging devices operate on active RFID technology emitting unique signals every 7-10 seconds to continually "check-in" with the system and straps are equipped with cutband technology.  If an activated tag fails to check-in with the system or a strap is cut, compromised or tampered with, the system will generate an alert or alarm to notify staff. 

Baby and Child Tagging System for Hospitals

In order to maintain our quality standards and ensure optimum performance of your KinderGUARD® tagging system, we subject all transmitter to a battery of rigorous test at our manufacturing facility in Concord, NH including submersion in water baths and drop tests to replicate the healthcare environment.  

As an extension to your KinderGUARD® infant security system, our tags also work with our MatchMAKER® ID mother-baby matching system.  MatchMAKER® panels are mounted outside of a mother's room so that nurses can discreetly verify they have the correct infant prior to presenting the baby to his or her mother.  Unlike systems that utilize additional tags for mothers and require lengthy reset times prior to reuse (a tag management nightmare), MatchMAKER® ID panels can be automatically reset when an infant is discharged and may be reused immediately for the next mother occupant and her baby or babies (up to 3).  

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