Protecting patients and residents for over 35 years

“Secure Care Systems” was founded in 1979 and consisted of six employees within 1,800 square feet of space. The company’s first wandering electronic security solution was a rubber floor mat antenna placed at a facility’s exit doors. All design and manufacturing of the products were conducted off site. The company was acquired by its current ownership in 1988. The present owners have been providing health care services since 1946. From their experience owning and operating long-term-care facilities, they witnessed a need for better security for their dementia and Alzheimer’s residents without infringing upon their mobility, independence or dignity. Their concept of physical restraint-free wandering resident supervision was realized with the creation of Secure Care Products, Inc. (n/k/a Secure Care Products, LLC) the first company in the world to design and market electronic monitoring equipment for wander-prone residents to prevent elopements and potential injuries.

In 1990, Secure Care saw a need for and began developing an infant security system called KinderGUARD® — a solution designed to prevent newborn baby abductions from hospital facilities. Infants wear small ankle transmitters that signal an alarm if an abductor attempts to remove an infant from the hospital or if an unauthorized person attempts to tamper with or remove the transmitter from the infant’s ankle. The alarm can automatically lock any KinderGUARD®-monitored exit doors, disable elevators and enact video monitoring and nurse call devices. The transmitter also allows security and nursing staff to identify which baby someone is trying to abduct.

After receiving numerous requests from our own customers and others in the healthcare community, Secure Care began research and development for a system to prevent mother baby mix ups in 1999 which would augment each hospital’s existing procedures and work in conjunction with the KinderGUARD® infant security system. These efforts produced the MatchMAKER® ID which was released in 2000 and was and still is the only system on the market allowing discrete mother-baby matching to take place outside of the mother’s room preventing embarrassing mismatches from occurring in front of the mother. This helps to ensure the mother’s continued confidence in hospital staff and protects your facility’s reputation by aiding in preventing a potential sentinel event involving mother-baby mix-ups during discharges and/or breastfeeding and subsequently protecting the infant from exposure to a possible hospital-acquired infection when exposed to the wrong mother’s breast milk.