Mother-baby mix ups frequently make headline news and can potentially hurt your patients and your hospital's reputation...

Mother Baby Mix Up Headlines

The Wireless MatchMAKER® ID mother-baby matching system can help you protect them.


Mother-Baby MatchingAdd value to your KinderGUARD® infant security system with Secure Care’s Wireless MatchMAKER® ID. This wireless mother-baby matching system uses the same KinderGUARD transmitter and provides nursing staff with an effective, silent, and discreet way to match each mother with her baby. There are no embarrassing alarms or sounds, just a simple and easy-to-view LED indicator on the MatchMAKER® ID panel located directly outside the mother’s door. When a staff member approaches a mother’s room with an infant, one glance will give them all the reassurance they need to know that they have the correct newborn.

The MatchMaker® Advantage:

  • No embarrassing alarms or sounds
  • Discreet matching before entering the mother’s room instead of directly in front of the mother and family
  • Simple and easy to view light display indicating “Match” or “No Match”
  • No additional transmitters required and no wait period to reuse your system (some other systems that utilize a transmitter worn by the mother require a 1-hour wait period before the mother's transmitter can be reused adding complexity for staff in transmitter management)
  • Capable of supporting multiple births as well as semi-private rooms with multiple beds
  • Maintains parents’ confidence in staff and patient satisfaction scores
  • Reports back to Secure Care software all matches and mismatches (optional) for future reporting
  • Syncs with Secure Care Software to automatically reset the Wireless MatchMAKER® ID panel when an infant is discharged

Preserve the reputation of your facility and staff by preventing embarrassing mismatches from taking place directly in front of the mother and other family members, prevent your newborns from unnecessary testing due to potential HIV exposure in breastfeeding by the wrong mother and maintain your patients’ confidence in their care providers and your patient satisfaction scores.

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