How can you protect your patients, visitors and staff from the growing trends in hospital violence and other sentinel events?

Once viewed as safe havens and places of healing, today’s high-stress and fast-paced environments in hospitals and healthcare facilities continue to contribute to an influx in crime, violence and human errors with some leading to death or permanent loss of function for the victims including patients, staff, and visitors. Patient safety and staff security are increasingly becoming areas of significant concern. In 2011 alone, there was a significant increase in the number of incidents reported to the Joint Commission in the following areas:

Sentinel Event Type20102011
Criminal Events (including Violence) 28 49
Delay in Treatment 95 138
Fall-Related Events 56 96
Infection Related Events 14 20
Restraint-Related Events 5 15

Other reportable sentinel events such as infant abductions and patient elopements also continue to plague healthcare and senior care facilities leading to damaged reputations, costly court settlements, increased insurance premiums, loss of Medicaid and/or Medicare reimbursements as well as long-lasting emotional and/or physical trauma suffered by patients, family and employees. In 2012 alone, there have been 4 reports of attempted infant abductions at healthcare facilities.

Secure Care’s product lines include offerings to assist hospitals and healthcare facilities in their efforts to mitigate against patient safety and staff security risks and other exposures unique to healthcare facilities. Our systems include solutions to address issues such as infant security, wandering patient protection, hospital staff safety, infection control, and patient flow. We pride ourselves on creating partnerships with our end users to assist in configuring customized solutions to meet your facility’s unique needs and in providing 24/7 technical support service 365 days a year to ensure we are there for you and your staff when you need us most.

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