In addition to providing you with systems to aid in your wander monitoring, infant security and RTLS needs, we also continually look to provide you and your staff with tools and information to aid in developing appropriate processes and procedures for your facility to prevent elopements and infant abductions and manage your assets and workflows. Please check back here frequently for new resources, tools and reference materials.

RF Management Plans

For healthcare and senior care facilities that utilize RFID life-safety and security systems to protect infants, wandering patients and/or residents, staff, and assets, we highly recommend implementing an RF Management Plan.  These plans help facilities to record the radio-frequency (RF) utilized by various devices within their facility so that well-informed decisions can be made for future device and system purchases in order to mitigate against the risks of RF interference within the facility.  The Association for the Advancement of Medical Instrumentation (AAMI) has excellent resources on this topic.  Click here to access their site.

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