The best security systems, just like security guards, are always alert.  Protect your most vulnerable patients and residents, both infants or adults affected by Alzheimer's disease and dementia, with a security system that is fully active and alert. 

Active_Security.jpgSecure Care’s KinderGUARD® infant security and Door GUARDIAN­™ wandering management systems are fully active and constantly monitor each patient or resident wearing a transmitter. Unlike passive or semi-passive systems, our transmitters continually remit their unique RFID signals allowing them to immediately be detected upon entry into a monitored safety zone.

Several competitor systems utilize either passive or semi-passive technology, which requires the use of an “exciter” to “wake the transmitter up” in order for it to relay a signal once it reaches a detection zone. Not only does this cause a delay in the system response time and therefore requires a larger detection zone at monitored exits, it also means more system component parts which could potentially fail.

Passive or semi-passive systems claim that by having the transmitter “sleep” in between events, battery life is preserved. However, such devices typically operate at an RF frequency used and/or produced by standard hospital equipment such as computers, TV monitors and even fluorescent lights. When the passive or semi-passive transmitters are near any of the aforementioned items, they can be prematurely drained of their battery life.

The security of your patients and residents deserves completely active and vigilant monitoring to ensure the protection of the vulnerable individuals in your care. Contact Secure Care today to ensure that your residents, patients and your facility’s reputation are being fully and actively protected.