Tools and Resources for Infant / Pediatric Abduction Prevention

Nurse Ensuring Infant Security

At Secure Care Products, LLC we are committed to helping to protect infant patients from abduction and recognize that whether or not you have an infant security system installed at your facility, total protection can only be ensured by having the right people, policies and tools in place.  We know that the number one defense against a possible abduction attempt is staff vigilance.  That is why we are dedicated to continually work on updating this page with reference information to help you enhance the infant abduction prevention programs and efforts at your hospital.  Please check back frequently to see our updates to this section.  If you are a facility or a independent entity dedicated to protecting newborn patients and their families from the devastating effects of an infant abduction and would like to suggest materials for us to add, please submit a request through our contact us page.

Infant Security Site Assessment Tools:

The California EMS Authority has an excellent Hospital Incident Command System (HICS) Guidebook and Toolkit which includes a section covering an Infant/Child Abduction Scenario.  We believe this is a valuable tool to gauge your hospital's infant security readiness whether or not your facility is based in California.  To access a full version of the HICS Guidebook and Glossary, please click here

EQUIPPED against Infant Abduction Prevention:

With over 20 years of experience in helping facilities to protect their infant and pediatric patients, we have developed a reference with 8 quick tips that your team can employ to help ensure patient security regardless of whether or not you have an infant protection system in place.  You can download a copy of this tool by clicking the image below.