How can you prevent some of the most common violations from occurring at your facility?

We can custom configure an RTLS solution suite for your Senior Care facility to augment your staff’s efforts in preventing some of the most commonly cited violations.

Recently ProPublica compiled a list of the 10 most common nursing home violations using data collected for its Nursing Home Inspect tool from the U.S. Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. Their findings were as follows:


  • 1. Facility is free of accident hazards.
  • 2. Facility establishes infection control program.
  • 3. Provide necessary care for highest practicable well-being.
  • 4. Store/prepare/ distribute food under sanitary conditions.
  • 5. Develop comprehensive care plans.
  • 6. Services provided meet professional standards.
  • 7. Clinical records meet professional standards.
  • 8. Not employ persons guilty of abuse.
  • 9. Drug regimen is free from unnecessary drugs.
  • 10. Dignity.

Secure Care Products, LLC, provides RTLS solutions for Senior Care facilities that can help prevent these common violations from occurring. Our real time location system (RTLS) solution suite has several modules including:

  • Resident and Staff Locating
  • Asset Tracking and Management
Senior RTLS

These can be integrated with your existing facility systems and our Door GUARDIAN™ wandering management system. Here are just a few examples of how our RTLS modules can be custom configured to address potential violations at your Senior Care facility:

Facility is Free of Accident Hazards

Utilize Resident and Patient Tracking with our Asset Tracking and Management module to track how many employees were present and what equipment was used during a patient transfer to ensure facility protocols are followed to prevent possible Resident injuries.

Facility Establishes Infection Control Program

Implement Asset Tracking and Management to help your Facility Management / Maintenance personnel with tracking equipment status (clean, dirty, needs repair) and easily locate equipment that is part of a recall or needs preventative maintenance. Add Resident and Staff Tracking to easily identify any interactions that an individual infected with a contagious illness has with pieces of equipment, staff members and other residents.

Provide Necessary Care for Highest Practicable Well-Being

Utilize Resident Tracking with Staff Badges to create a monitoring program that ensures any residents who have developed pressure ulcers are visited by a staff member at regular intervals to reposition the resident and provide necessary treatments. Provide discreet reminders to staff members when needed. Interactions between the staff member and resident shall be automatically logged by the ENVisionIT™ RTLS platform for future reporting.

Develop Comprehensive Care Plans

Using Resident Tracking as part of your facility’s RTLS solution will permit your staff to monitor each resident’s daily routine to aid in creating custom care plans that meet their individual needs. This can include discreet alerts to staff when a resident does not perform a regular task by a specified timeframe.

Services Provided Meet Professional Standards

With Resident Tracking and Staff Badges as part of your RTLS package, you can record staff interactions to ensure that mandated resident nursing care hours are being met. The system also archives historical data to aid management in determining optimum staffing minimum staffing levels.

Drug Regimen is Free from Unnecessary Drugs

Combine the power of our Door GUARDIAN™ wandering management system with the insights of RTLS resident tracking capability to track the movement of wander-prone patients while providing unobtrusive supervision to prevent Alzheimer’s / Dementia or other cognitively impaired residents from wandering into unsafe areas, leaving the facility or entering another resident’s room.  Door GUARDIAN™ wander management systems can aid facilities in reducing or eliminating the improper use of psychotic drugs as chemical restraints to prevent wandering behavior.


Our Senior Care RFID and RTLS solutions provide residents with dignified security that permits them to safely move about your facility and can be configured to send discreet alerts to staff members via pagers, smartphones and other peripheral devices when a resident needs assistance. Alerts and alarms can also be escalated when a staff member is not able to respond without the need for flashing lights or loud alarms throughout the facility allowing you and your staff to create an ideal environment of care for each of your residents.

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