Wandering Patient

Wandering patient elopements or injuries suffered by a patient while wandering can have permanent catastrophic effects, including:

  • Death or injury to self, other patients or staff
  • Tarnished hospital reputation
  • Liability and litigation costs
  • Immediate jeopardy citations
  • Loss of Medicaid / Medicare reimbursements
  • Potential spread of infection

For patients in unfamiliar, chaotic and confusing surroundings can be overwhelming and can trigger wandering tendencies causing him/her to potentially get lost, travel to unsafe areas of a facility (e.g. rooftop or balcony) or elope entirely unnoticed.

Patients prone to wandering include:

  • Individuals with Alzheimer’s, Dementia, Autistic spectrum disorders
  • Patients with mental / cognitive impairments
  • Psychiatric patients
  • Patients undergoing neurological surgery / treatment
  • Pediatric patients

Our Door GUARDIAN™ system allows hospitals to monitor wandering patients, including the ability to lock down specific doors. With the addition of our ENVisionIT™ RTLS solution, facilities may also track the exact location of a patient who might wander and set rules to send alerts to staff based upon a wandering patient’s location.

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