Experience, Knowledge, and Innovation

With over 35 years of experience we know how innovative technology can improve patient care, staff safety, and over all facility management.  Take a look at some of our case studies then contact us or request a quote and see how we can help your facility.

  • rtls security solutions Asset Management – RTLS – Case Study - Like many hospitals and businesses, controlling costs while maintaining and improving quality of care can be a challenge. What if you had an Asset Management tool that enabled you to quickly determine, monitor and respond in real time to any undesirable fluctuations in costly equipment allocation? What if you had the ability to “Right Size your Inventory” based on actual real time demands? What if you could quickly and easily locate assets that have historically been challenging to locate and secure in desirable time frames? The next generation in Real Time Locating Solutions (RTLS) from Secure Care Products, LLC, is ...Continue Reading
  • The Garlands The Garlands at Barrington – mVision - The best way to provide the greatest quality care for patients is to be able to have an expedited response time to any and all situations. Having the best security system in place is key and by adding on the use of a mobile application to communicate security events, caregivers are now given the opportunity to keep their focus on their patients. With a mobile application that communicates via smart phones and tablets, caregivers are no longer glued to the areas in which the security equipment is located. They can move about the facility freely and as soon as an ...Continue Reading