Benefits of Real-Time Locating Systems for Manufacturers 

The manufacturing industry is go, go, go, and more often than not, people, products, and assets end up missing or unaccounted for at one point or another. Integrating real-time locating technology such as Secure Care’s ENVisionIT® real-time location system into your manufacturing operations has many benefits. Manufacturing RTLS have proved to be a key asset for firms of all sizes, and can be used to increase staff safety, optimize operations, and manage assets in real-time – allowing you to foresee and prevent accidents or incidents before they occur.  

Boost Employee Safety  

Having a manufacturing RTLS can boost the overall safety and security of your employees while at work in many ways. The RFID tags that send signals and communicate data can be integrated into employee ID badges so that management and team leaders can keep track of their staff at all times, ensuring that everyone is safe and accounted for.  

With so many moving parts and machinery being operated in a manufacturing facility, this provides peace of mind that everyone is within their zones as expected, and if they stray from these areas someone will be notified, and their status can be confirmed. This is especially ideal for manufacturing firms in industries that have employees working in more isolated, high-risk areas and allows for reliable, real-time updates and monitoring to ensure their safety. Your staff can work comfortably knowing that you have got their back, and in the event an emergency occurs you can respond with help instantly – minimizing risks and giving everyone peace of mind. 

If you operate in a manufacturing industry that deals with higher-risk operations, you can also use RTLS to create designated zones that require specific clearance to access. In the event that an unauthorized person enters your designated restricted zones, you will receive a notification instantly and address the concern. Manufacturing RTLS can benefit employee safety and security in many ways, making it an excellent choice for improving workplace safety standards and operations. 

Asset Management and Protection 

Manufacturing RTLS are also incredibly useful for asset management and protection. The same RFID tags that can be integrated into employee ID badges can also be attached to assets and equipment, and used to manage their locations at all times. Much like the safety zone feature, you can designate boundaries or zones for your equipment and assets and receive alerts when anything leaves these zones. This prevents your machinery and equipment from accidentally “walking-off” or being misplaced. You can also add RTLS to your inventory and assets, monitoring the movement and shifting of items. This proves to be very beneficial when it comes to manufacturing firms that deal with products that have a designated shelf life that must be followed. You can also monitor the movement and flow of inventory and assets over time and locate and clear bottlenecks or operational challenges with ease. Manufacturing RTLS is an important tool for asset management and protection, because it allows you to know where all of your equipment is at all times, without having to physically track it down. 

Increase Operational Efficiency 

The benefits of manufacturing RTLS do not stop with employee and asset safety, integrating this technology into your manufacturing firm can help you monitor and optimize operations. By attaching RTLS chips to employee badges and equipment, you can record and analyze data and create baseline standards to evaluate and assess employee performance. You can see where your staff are spending their time and get an idea of what they are doing throughout their shifts. If you find that certain staff seem to idle too often in certain locations, you can address the cause and provide them with the help they need whether it be behavioral coaching to address avoiding duties, skills training to address challenges, or even team coaching to discuss distractions. Manufacturing RTLS can help you optimize your operations and prevent complications or interruptions by allowing you to see what is going on and who is where in real-time.  

Real-Time Locating is Reliable 

Taking advantage of all of the benefits of manufacturing RTLS can help you manage your operations, boost your workplace safety, and strengthen asset security. When used in multiple different applications such as employee badge tracking, asset and equipment tagging, and overall operational management, you can create one big picture of what is going on within your facility. When paired with remote access software such as the mVision® mobile app from Secure Care Products, you can access all of your manufacturing RTLS data in the palm of your hand, from any location, allowing you to know what is going on in your facility 24/7. To get the bigger picture of how your manufacturing firm can benefit from RTLS technology, connect with the experts at Secure Care Products to discuss your options. 

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