Winter is almost here.  How will you keep your residents inside and protected from  the elements?

To often each year we see stories in the news of residents eloping outdoors into extreme weather.  Sometimes these stories have a happy ending, but many times they do not.  Make sure the residents entrusted to your care are protected with a Door GUARDIAN® Wander Management System from Secure Care Products.

Door GUARDIAN systems can be customized to fit your facility’s needs:eloped woman in the cold

  • Alarm or lock doors when monitored residents attempt to exit
  • ID-based solutions enable staff to react more efficiently by knowing exactly who they’re looking for
  • Interface with a variety of dry contact driven devices such as nurse call, mangnetic door locks, elevators, etc.
Add our mVision® mobile app and ENVisionIT RTLS® to Door GUARDIAN to create an even more comprehensive wander management solution for your facility.  Receive real-time alerts and alarms to mobile devices that include resident and location specific details.

Keep your residents safe and warm this winter.  Install Door GUARDIAN today.

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