How are you ensuring the safety of those receiving and providing care in your facility?

Two factors have been clearly identified for the successful management of COVID19 risk in health care facilities: Social Distancing and Contact Tracing. Long-term care facilities everywhere are looking for ways to protect their vulnerable residents, reassure staff it’s safe to be at work, and reduce liability risk for their facility.

Our real-time locating solution features ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. This means we’re able to provide extremely reliable and accurate location data. Such accuracy allows you to determine if people have truly been “in contact,” or just happened to be in the same room. It is this level of accuracy that ensures superior contact tracing capability and social distance monitoring. Wi-fi-, Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and ultrasound locating technologies simply can’t do what we can.

Why automate contact tracing?

Contact tracing is typically a very manual process. Most facilities don’t have extra human resources to manually track the details needed to thoroughly contact trace. In addition, manual processes are prone to human error. Plus, nobody’s memory is perfect. While you may think a staff member will remember each person they came in contact with, or every location they visited inside the facility – it’s likely something will be overlooked. Eliminate the guesswork by automatically logging location details.

Promote social distancing for everyone’s safety

Maintaining the recommended six-foot distance isn’t always feasible. Especially when you’re talking about caregivers in a nursing home or other long-term care facility. However, real-time alerts can serve as a reminder to maintain space as much as possible. Tags worn by staff and residents are a visual cue to others to maintain distance. And of course, the historical location data enables simple and fast identification of all contacts made inside of the recommended six-foot distance. So in the event of a positive case, identifying at-risk residents and staff is fast and easy.

ENVisionIT® – Reduce risk. Protect Staff & Residents. Get back to focusing on caregiving.

Solutions for a pandemic and beyond…

Once you’ve installed the ENVisionIT solution, you will likely find it can benefit many areas of your care facility.  Location data can help you track and analyze asset usage, improve resident/patient security, address staff duress concerns, and more.  Automatic gathering of specific location and time data enables you to make the data-driven decisions necessary to increase safety and improve the care at your facility.