How can you re-open safely?

Two factors have been clearly identified for the successful reopening of businesses and the broader economy: Social Distancing and Contact Tracing. Businesses everywhere are looking for ways to protect their employees, reduce risk to their business and get things back to normal as quickly and safely as possible.

Our real-time locating solution features ultra-wideband (UWB) technology. This means we’re able to provide extremely reliable and accurate location data. Such accuracy allows you to determine if people have truly been “in contact,” or just happened to be in the same room. It is this level of accuracy that ensures superior contact tracing capability and social distance monitoring. Wi-fi-, Bluetooth low energy (BLE) and ultrasound locating technologies simply can’t do what we can.

Why automate contact tracing?

Contact tracing is typically a very manual process. Most facilities don’t have extra human resources to manually track the details needed to thoroughly contact trace. In addition, manual processes are prone to human error. After all, nobody’s memory is perfect.

Promote social distancing for everyone’s safety

It’s not always possible to maintain the recommended six-foot distance. Particularly for direct caregivers in a health care facility, or certain manufacturing processes. Real-time alerts can serve as a reminder to maintain space. It can help you recognize that perhaps cubicles aren’t as spaced out as you thought. Or perhaps there are some modifications needed to work spaces. Tags worn by employees also serve as a visual reminder to others to maintain distance. And of course, the historical location data enables simple and fast identification of any contacts made inside of the recommended six foot distance.

ENVisionIT® – Reduce risk. Protect employees. Get back to business.

Solutions beyond the pandemic…

Once you’ve installed the ENVisionIT solution, it can benefit your business in many other ways.  Track and analyze asset usage, understand when and where employees are spending their time for resource management and process improvements, lone worker safety, and more.  Automatic gathering of specific location and time data enables you make the data-driven decisions necessary increase safety and improve your bottom line.