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Company Principal:

Mike Walsh, David Meneely, Mark Rue

Years in Business:

25 years

Years of Partnership with Secure Care Products:

12 years

What Industries Do You Serve?

Healthcare, Biotechnology and Pharmaceuticals, Corporate, Education, Government, Finance, Retail, Sporting Venues and Non-Profits

What Other Solutions Do You Offer Your Customers?

DGI offers a wide range of solutions for the variety of vertical markets they serve. These include:

• Nurse Call
• A/V Integration
• Structured Wiring
• Video Conferencing
• Clinical Smartphones
• Patient Engagement & Entertainment Systems
• Sound Masking / Speech Therapy
• Acoustic Art Panels
• LED Video Walls
• Digital Signage
• Pro Audio

What Have You Liked About Working with Secure Care Products?

Excellent sales & technical support, established history and customer base in the healthcare space, solutions address real problems, HQ is local to New England

Visit DGI Communications online: dgicommunications.com/technology