Know Where Your People, Inventory and Assets Are at All Times with RTLS

Manufacturing and warehousing logistics require a lot of moving parts to work smoothly.  Sometimes, things get lost in the shuffle.

Enter the ENVisionIT® real-time location system from Secure Care Products.  Enabling your operations team with greater visibility to everything going on in production like never before, the potential use cases in manufacturing are virtually endless.

ENVisionIT RTLS allows you to assign tags to assets, inventory and even employees so that you know precisely who or what has been where and for how long.  The user friendly browser-based software allows you to create zones and location-based rules.  Zones can be a specific area of the production floor even if there are not necessarily physical barriers around the space you define as a zone.

  • Create tracking to baseline and benchmark performance
  • Set up rules to trigger notifications if a key piece of equipment or tooling leaves a specified area
  • Understand where personnel are spending their time on the production floor
  • Monitor the movement of inventory over time to determine if processes are functioning as efficiently as possible
  • Use staff safety badges for employees working in remote or especially hazardous areas of a building to ensure the fastest response in the event of an emergency
  • Create rules for certain inventory items with a shelf life that sit idly in the same location for too long

The data gathered with a real-time location system in a manufacturing or warehouse environment is extremely valuable, and can significantly improve overall operational efficiency, making for an extremely fast ROI.

Contact us today to learn how an ENVisionIT RTLS solution can start helping improve your bottom line!