Protect and Track Your Assets

With Secure Care ENVisionIT® RTLS solution suite, we offer solutions that meet your facility’s asset tracking and management needs. ENVisionIT® frees nurses and administrators from their desks and laptops.

asset-trackingSome of our key features include:

Find Anyone or anything at any time: With our easy to use software locating a missing device or wandering patient in real time is a proven time saver when timing is crucial. Searching is easy and flexible with several search options available. The information is then displayed as either a list/table or an icon(s) on a map given precise accuracy. Alerts can be sent to mobile devices.

Equipment Locating and Asset Utilization Tracking: Waste less time searching! Once an asset has been tagged, staff members can easily search for the item using the RTLS software and locate within +-1ft of accuracy within minutes. This will dramatically free up time for the nursing staff to focus more on caring for patients.

Preventative Maintenance, Repairs and Recalls: Bio-Medical teams are frequently challenged with the daunting task of locating hospital equipment for regular maintenance, necessary repairs and product recalls. Maintaining records of these services can also prove to be a difficult task. Once fitted with an asset tag, each item can be easily tracked using the ENVisionIT™ platform. Asset tags permit staff to trigger alerts noting the status and location of the equipment.

Reduce Shrinkage, Unnecessary Purchases and Rentals as well as Lost Equipment Write-Offs: When vital equipment cannot be located, it must be classified as lost or stolen with the remaining value of the asset written off and the need to spend additional funds to either purchase or rent a replacement unit. Through the use of asset tags, facilities can significantly reduce the number of lost, stolen or missing items by tracking the location of each asset and sending alerts when they are about to be removed from the facility.

Protecting your facilities assets ensures their optimum use and allows your facility to significantly reduce that portion of your capital and operating budget previously used to replace equipment.

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