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hopitality asset tracking and asset management

Having a real-time location solution on-site can significantly increase the operational efficiency and productivity of your venues. Secure Care Product’s ENVisionIT® real-time locating system is an easily scalable solution for hotels, convention centers and resorts that can be configured to provide coverage
within a certain area of a hotel or across an entire venue.

The ability to know when and where your staff and equipment is being utilized offers a multitude of benefits. Many sites will recognize ROI for their RTLS installation in less than a year. You can’t improve what you can’t measure, so start tracking for improvement today!

Increase Operational Efficiency & Productivity to Reduce Costs

  • Track and analyze employee task times based on zonal rules
  • Reduce time wasted looking for staff and inventory
  • Reduce insurance premiums by demonstrating proactive actions to reduce risks in your facility
  • Have real-time location visibility to all staff and operational equipment for tracking and analysis
  • Use analytics to review trends over time, measure progress and reporting for current and historical reference

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