Knowledge is power: Real-Time Notifications and Information at Your Fingertips

healthcare mobile solutionsAs the use of mobile devices has become more prevalent in both acute and long-term care, Secure Care has created a solution that intuitively works to keep your staff, assets, and patients protected. mVision® mobile application allows users to receive and acknowledge notifications on mobile devices about their Door GUARDIAN® wander management or KinderGUARD® infant protection system.

With mVision®, you can receive vital information about alarms and alerts directly on your mobile device. Messages are sent to mobile devices as soon as the event happens, so personnel don’t have to be tied to a primary computer or nurse station to receive relevant alerts or alarms.

These real-time notifications can also include a photo of the patient or staff requiring assistance. With a person’s photo right in the palm of your hand, you can help ensure the fastest response when it’s most critical. This can prove especially important in a healthcare setting where many patients and staff are constantly shifting, as well as in a long-term care environment where workforce turnover can be particularly high.

Customized Solutions:
Get What You Need From Your Systemmobile app for health professionals

When it comes to protection, we understand that each facility will have its own priorities. That is why the mVision mobile app can be customized to fit your specific needs:

  • Choose the types of alarms or alerts you want sent to mobile devices (cutband, delayed egress, near door)
  • What details are displayed when an event happens
  • Assign various user roles – decide who receives mobile notifications, customize by event type, department/location, set escalation paths for various events

Compatible with both Android and Apple devices, the mVision® mobile application enables you to “BYOD” (bring your own device) for fast and easy deployment in your department or the entire facility. Audit trail visibility means you have access to all events during and after they occur for management and security follow up.

A mobile solution for staff that is always on the go.

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