Real-Time Notifications & Information at Your Fingertips

hospitality staff safety panic buttonHospitality is a demanding business. Nobody is sitting around looking at a computer all day. You and your staff are constantly on-the-go. The mVision® mobile app from Secure Care Products significantly increases the impact of our ENVisionIT® real-time locating system.

Knowing where your staff and assets are in real-time is extremely valuable in and of itself. Being able to access this information and receive alerts and notifications directly on your mobile devices is indispensable.

  • Critical panic button notifications sent to mobile devices include a photo of the staff member
  • Floormap on mobile devices enables fast understanding of the location of the person in need
  • Panic button alarm sent directly to hotel security and/or other staff members for fastest response
  • Option to automatically escalate alarms to other staff members when response times are exceeded

The free mVision app is compatible with iOS or Android mobile devices and can be customized as needed by your site.

A mobile solution for staff that is always on the go.
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