Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Staff

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Staff is the most valuable part of any organization. How do you ensure this valuable part of your organization is protected?

Unfortunately, caregivers in the healthcare space face some of the highest rates of workplace violence. A hospital, assisted living or nursing home can be one of most difficult workplaces, in terms of safety and security. Memory care patients who have a hard time remembering the people who care for them every day can become combative. Family members or patients in the emergency department can become verbally abusive.

How do you ensure your staff can get the help they need as fast as possible in a quickly escalating or already dangerous or situation? With ENVisionIT, you can rest assured that your employees will be safe and secure, as well as your patients. This state-of-the-art tracking systems can easily alert and notify others in the event of unexpected threats or uncomfortable scenarios. Secure Care Products provide the peace-of-mind you deserve to ensure everyone remains safe, around the clock.

ENVisionIT® Real-time locating system (RTLS) offers a protection solution that can be customized and scaled to fit your facility’s needs.

  • The Push Of a Button: Staff members can be confident that help is available at any time. Simply pushing a button can generate an alert to other staff members and security that includes their precise location and picture. Get help when it’s needed most.

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  • More accurate: Using ultra-wideband technology, ENVisionIT® provides location accuracy within ±1 foot – no guessing if someone is in the hallway or a room to ensure the fastest response in an urgent situation.
  • Automate Assistance: Create zones and rules to automatically generate alerts or alarms in the case of certain scenarios. Zones can be created around an area as small as a bed. Reporting enables time-stamped record keeping of all alerts and alarms for periodic review and adjustment as needed.

A real-time location system that protects your staff is an absolute necessity. You simply can’t afford not to ensure your staff is protected.

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