Protect Your Most Valuable Asset: Your Staff

Secure Care Product’s ENVisionIT® real-time locating system is an easily scalable solution for hotels, convention centers and resorts to provide coverage within a certain area of the hotel or across the entire venue.

Municipalities continue to enact new staff safety ordinances and mandates on the hospitality industry.  The focus on staff safety and access to panic buttons in various cities will only increase.  A real-time location system on-site can significantly improve the safety of your staff as well as improve staff satisfaction. Using a real-time locating system for staff safety ensures that your staff receives the fastest response possible in critical situations.

Improve Staff Safety and Satisfaction

  • Staff safety badge is programmed for single panic button push alarm
  • Security receives the panic button notification within seconds and sees exactly who needs help and where they are located
  • Badges can be worn on a lanyard, clip, or adhered to existing ID badges
  • In the event of an escalating situation where staff feels threatened, he/she can discretely signal a need for help without further aggravating a disgruntled guest or causing noisy and intrusive alarms that may disrupt other guests
  • Escalation path for alarms based on facility protocols to ensure alarms don’t go unnoticed
  • Staff feel safer and more secure, decreasing the high costs associated with employee turnover


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