How LBDS Increase Facility Safety & Efficiency

Posted on May 31, 2024

Location-Based Data Solutions

Efficiency is the key to any successful healthcare organization, and Location-Based Data Solutions (LBDS) are emerging as a powerful tool for facilities to streamline operations, improve resident care, and achieve significant cost savings.

Let’s delve into how LBDS act as the engine of facility efficiency, exploring their impact on workflows, staffing levels, resident care, and more.

Improved Workflows and Faster Response Times

LBDS utilize real-time location tracking of staff, equipment, and consenting residents within the facility. This translates to:

  • Reduced time spent searching: Staff can quickly locate essential equipment, resources, or other staff members, minimizing wasted time and improving workflow.

  • Enhanced emergency response: Faster response times to resident emergencies are crucial. LBDS can pinpoint a resident’s location, enabling staff to reach them quickly.

Optimized Staffing Levels with Data-Driven Resource Allocation

LBDS provides valuable data on staff movement and resident activity. By analyzing these patterns, facilities can: 

  • Identify peak activity periods: Schedule staff accordingly to ensure adequate coverage during high-demand times and avoid overstaffing during slower periods.

  • Optimize staff placement: LBDS can reveal areas requiring more staff presence, enabling data-driven resource allocation for improved workflows and better resident care. 

Cost Savings Through Streamlined Operations

The benefits of LBDS mentioned above also result in significant cost savings for healthcare facilities, which enable a greater focus on care: 

  • Reduced administrative overhead: Less time spent searching translates to more time for direct resident care, leading to improved resident-to-staff ratios and potentially lower staff costs.

  • Streamlined operations: Improved workflows and optimized staffing contribute to overall operational efficiency, minimizing wasted time and resources and reducing costs. 

Improved Resident Care with Enhanced Visibility

LBDS goes beyond optimizing operations; it directly impacts resident care: 

  • Increased staff responsiveness: Faster response times to residents’ needs, which translates to improved care delivery.

  • Enhanced resident safety: Up-to-the-minute location tracking of residents offers an extra layer of security, especially for wander-prone individuals.

Invest in Efficiency with LBDS

Location-Based Data Solutions offer a compelling operational enhancement tool for healthcare facilities. By improving workflows, optimizing staffing levels, and facilitating faster response times, LBDS leads to cost savings through streamlined operations and ultimately (and most importantly) leads to improved resident care.

This technology empowers healthcare facilities to make data-driven decisions, resulting in far more efficient resource allocation and a higher standard of care overall. Ready to explore how LBDS can boost your facility’s efficiency? Visit Secure Care online today to learn more.

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