Decrease Patient Wait Times and Increase Efficiency 

Hospitals and clinics

We recognize the significant role urgent care centers and other outpatient clinics are playing in the delivery of primary and ambulatory patient care these days. And we also understand that as a clinic serving the local community, you’re dealing with patients expecting top-notch customer service and minimal wait times. 

The Secure Care ENVisionIT® location-based data solution (LBDS), offers a solution to meet the needs of clinics. Our solutions can measure door-to-door time from entry, patient care, to exit. This allows a reduction of door-to-door which increases staff availability and improvements to the bottom line. 

Workflow Optimization 

Streamline daily routine tasks like patient in-take, room cleaning or turnover, patient escorts to exam rooms. By automatically updating status of patients, staff and exam rooms through the presence of tags in or out of specific areas, you reduce the amount of time spent tracking this data. Easily identify bottlenecks and work to improve processes to avoid them. 

Improve Patient Throughput 

Patients spend a lot of time waiting. They wait to check in, wait for an exam room, wait for a provider, wait to check out. The more time patients spend waiting, the less satisfied they are with the service your clinic provides. And the fewer people you’re treating each day. Increased wait times mean you risk losing business. Issuing tags upon check-in, you can keep track of how long each patient has been at your facility and where. Make staffing or other resource adjustments over time as you monitor trends to make sure you’re hitting operational and patient satisfaction metrics. 

Improve Room Turnover  

Most clinics are smaller in capacity where space is at a premium which means turnover of space can be optimized through rules and events based on standard patient and staff movement. This provides greater visibility into the status of rooms, and increases awareness for staff response. 

Contact us today to learn how an ENVisionIT® LBDS can help your clinic improve patient satisfaction, reduce wait times and increase efficiency. 

ENVisionIT Datasheet

ENVisionIT location-based data solutions make automating your health clinic’s workflow and patient throughput easy and efficient.

Download the ENVisionIT Datasheet below to learn more about Secure Care’s automated technology solutions that free up your staff and give you a comprehensive view of your daily operations and how to improve them.