Ensure Your Student’s Safety

Student and staff safety is obviously a top priority, while also making sure students have the tools needed to maximize learning. The ENVisionIT® location-based data solution (LBDS) from Secure Care can make these tasks easier. 

By assigning badges to staff and students, the user-friendly browser-based software provides total visibility, so you know who is where at any time in your school. From the software you can also create zones within your building that will trigger notifications from specified staff allowing you to better control access to certain areas by visitors, contractors or others in your school. In an emergency situation, staff can trigger a notification within 2-3 seconds to alert others of a need for security or lockdown. 

  • Manage attendance tracking 
  • Respond quickly and precisely to incidents 
  • Aid in evaluation of safety plan effectiveness 
  • Develop reporting and analyze data based on staff locations, staff dwell times, movement and motion history for incident reporting 
  • Purposeful built-in integration tools for mass notification

In addition to the safety measures ENVisionIT® (LBDS) offers your school asset tags used with the system, meaning you can monitor the location and usage of various school equipment as well. See exactly where tablets are in your buildings, make sure computers or other equipment stays where it’s most needed and understand what’s being used where to maximize utilization of these valuable resources. 

With the addition of our easy-to-use mobile application, mVision®, you can have the power of LBDS at your fingertips. A mobile app, mVision gives the real-time location data to your staff and security personnel ensuring the fastest responses when time is critical. The picture push feature within the app shows the photo of a person triggering a notification, and floor plan visibility pinpoints precisely where assistance is needed without the need to get to a computer or console station. These features help guarantee the fastest possible response from others by knowing exactly who needs help and where they are located. 

If you are concerned about the safety of your school and want to make sure that your resources are being deployed where and when they are most needed, then the ENVisionIT® location-based data solution is what you need. Contact us today to learn more about how we can design a solution to fit your organization’s needs. 

Contact us today to learn how an ENVisionIT® location-based data solution can help you monitor staff and students with ease. 

Success Stories

Secure Care’s long list of satisfied customers throughout the globe is a testament of the quality and value our customers receive with Secure Care’s product line. Whether you need infant security or wandering resident software, or anything in between, Secure Care has a solution that’s right for you. Learn more about our advanced technology so you can advance your organization’s safety.

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