Increase Patient Safety

Increase Safety During Reduced Staffing Hours 

Reduced staffing means less assistance, and opportunity for confidence in safety within the environment. Applications for requesting assistance or duress situations can heighten options for better communication and speed of response to ensure safety of individuals.  

Critical Communications When Needed 

Most emergency care departments are open convenient hours to best serve their emergency patients. However, this may mean limited staff during early morning or late evening hours. With free and open access to the public, your staff could be at risk. The ENVisionIT® staff duress tags can be used to trigger an automatic alarm notification to others in the center that urgent help is needed. These alarms will show who needs help and precisely where they are located to ensure the fastest response to the situation.

ENVisionIT Datasheet

ENVisionIT location-based data solutions provide you with one of the most valuable assets you can have in a hospital during an emergency: real-time communication. Combined with automated alert systems, this enables faster response times so your staff can better protect patients and keep things moving.

Download the ENVisionIT Datasheet below to learn how a location-based data solution from Secure Care can provide your hospital’s staff with the tools to do even more.