How Real-Time Location Systems Can Help Your School

Posted on July 1, 2021

Staff Safety

When parents drop their kids off for school, they expect them to be watched, taken care of, and overall safe. Teachers, staff, and administrators work tirelessly to ensure students are kept monitored and safe, but how can they watch every student at all times? Administrators face many challenges in the day-to-day management of their schools. Student and staff safety is obviously a top priority, but also making sure their students have the tools needed to maximize learning is important. A school real-time location system (RTLS) will make ensure students, staff, and assets are monitored and kept safe from anywhere at any time.

Track Students and Staff 

Keeping track of students and staff in a large school building can be a challenge, but by using the school real-time location system to assign badges to staff and students, you’ll know who is where at any time in your school. This system is user-friendly and browser-based and provides total visibility of what you wish to monitor.

The school real-time location system allows you to create zones within your building that will trigger notifications to specified staff allowing you to better control access to certain areas by visitors, contractors, or others in your school. It can also manage attendance tracking and develop reporting and analyze data based on staff locations, staff dwell times, movement, and motion history for incident reporting.

Track School Assets

Knowing where your equipment is and what’s being used where will maximize the utilization of these valuable resources, but how is that possible? With asset tags used alongside the school real-time location system, you can monitor the location and usage of various school equipment. See exactly where tablets are in your buildings, make sure computers or other equipment stays where it’s most needed, and understand what’s being used where to maximize utilization of these resources. This will help your school run more efficiently and give administrators peace of mind knowing where and how school equipment is being used.

In Case of Emergency 

Unfortunately, emergencies in schools do arise, but the school real-time location system can enhance your current safety plan. In an emergency situation, staff can trigger a notification within 2-3 seconds to alert others of a need for security or lockdown. The software allows you to respond quickly and precisely to incidents and aids in evaluation of safety plan effectiveness, so you know your students and staff are safe.

If you are concerned about the safety of your school and want to make sure that your resources are being deployed where and when they are most needed, then the ENVisionIT® school real-time location system may be right for you. Contact Secure Care Products to learn more about keeping your school safe.

About Secure Care Products, LLC

For over 40 years, Secure Care Products has been committed to providing improved safety, security, and locating solutions through best-in-class service and innovative design for your most valuable assets. Protecting people and assets is our business. Secure Care products offers a suite of products including RTLS, wander management, infant protection, asset management, and mobile app solutions. All products are researched, developed, and manufactured in the USA, which ensures superior service, timely delivery, and quality assurance. Using state-of-the-art, advanced technologies, we keep people and assets protected 24/7. Let us know how we can help you by calling 1.800.451.7917 or contact us.


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Secure Care’s long list of satisfied customers throughout the globe is a testament of the quality and value our customers receive with Secure Care’s product line. Whether you need infant security or wandering resident software, or anything in between, Secure Care has a solution that’s right for you. Learn more about our advanced technology so you can advance your organization’s safety.

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