How to Boost Safety and Security in Residential Care Centers

Posted on July 1, 2023

Location-Based Data Solutions

Maintaining the safety and security of residents and employees within your residential care center is essential to establishing proper processes and offering the best care possible. Having effective Location-Based Data Solutions (LBDS) and door monitoring technology can boost your residential care center security.

Logistics of Memory Care 

Staff members in memory care facilities carry significant responsibilities, and a dependable memory care safety system aids employees in overseeing and monitoring residents while respecting their privacy and independence. Within a residential care center, there are many tasks and operations running at any given moment, such as exercise and wellness activities, mealtimes, medication management, personal care (including physical therapy and transportation), housekeeping, and maintenance. With all these operations to manage, it becomes challenging for staff to constantly monitor each resident. This is where a memory care safety solution becomes valuable.

A trustworthy system for memory care ensures non-invasive tracking of residents, triggers alerts if safe areas are breached, and provides staff members with a high level of visibility regarding resident activity and location. Many memory care facilities choose to utilize a location-based data solution, which aids staff duties by monitoring residents, staff, and assets. Numerous LBDS options offer real-time information and convenient mobile applications that enable staff and management to instantly access patient locations and roaming details from the palm of their hands.

Location-Based Data Solutions Allow Visibility 

Implementing LBDS in memory care safety enhances the overall visibility within your facility by providing information on the whereabouts of residents, their movement patterns, and their upcoming destinations. Location-based data solutions employ GPS locating software, which precisely tracks and reports the exact location of RFID chips. These chips, utilizing active radio frequency identification and WiFi systems, instantaneously transmit the chip’s location. Assigning a chip to each resident and staff member enables you to attach it directly to user bracelets or ID cards, eliminating the need for additional hardware like scanners or readers throughout the facility to grant access to secure areas. Moreover, you can extend the utilization of LBDS to staff members, allowing them entry to staff-only spaces without the need for keys.

Combine Technology for Full Coverage 

Utilizing multiple types of technology within your residential care center security system gives you a complete, reliable understanding of where your staff and residents are located. LBDS can be paired with technology such as Secure Care’s Door GUARDIAN® solution, which monitors doors and thresholds for unauthorized entry and exit. When paired with LBDS, you can set boundaries that restrict residents from entering “employees only” areas without setting up physical blockades. When the threshold is crossed, staff will get an alert and will be able to intervene instantly, thus improving the safety of residents and staff.

You Can’t Go Wrong with LBDS 

By integrating LBDS into your facility, you can significantly enhance the safety and security you provide for your staff and residents. There are multiple benefits to installing a residential care center security solution, including improved visibility, dependable processes, greater peace of mind, and enhanced independence. Given the considerable number of residents in memory care facilities across the country, the implementation of a reliable LBDS, such as the solutions offered by Secure Care Products, can make a substantial difference in the quality of care provided and overall residential care center security. Whether you are seeking a complete reevaluation of your facility’s resident security solutions or aiming to enhance your existing security system, Secure Care offers the ideal LBDS tailored to your facility’s specific requirements.

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