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Like many hospitals and businesses, controlling costs while maintaining and improving quality of care can be a challenge. What if you had an Asset Management tool that enabled you to quickly determine, monitor and respond in real time to any undesirable fluctuations in costly equipment allocation? What if you had the ability to “Right Size your Inventory” based on actual real time demands? What if you could quickly and easily locate assets that have historically been challenging to locate and secure in desirable time frames? The next generation in Real Time Locating Solutions (RTLS) from Secure Care Products, LLC, is called ENVisionIT. This very cost effective tool enables you to gain these capabilities and many others.

Gateway Regional Medical Center of Granite City, IL, a progressive Hospital located just outside of St. Louis, MO, is proud to be using the “next generation” approach in providing cost effective and quality medical care to its patients and staff. Gateway Regional Medical Center is committed to providing cost effective care in the most innovative way possible.

In keeping with its progressive nature, Gateway Regional Medical Center chose Secure Care Products, LLC, of Concord, NH to install its ENVisionIT RTLS system in their Emergency Department (E.D.) to manage certain assets and “Right Size its Inventory”.

Upon installation, ENVisionIT® quickly accomplished five key goals: Upon installation, ENVisionIT quickly accomplished five key goals:

  1. First, it provided an easy to view floor plan based interface showing the real time location of all costly assets in the ED to within +/- one foot of accuracy.
  2. Secondly, it controlled asset shrinkage with asset tags on equipment that both enabled location on the floor plan but also managed doors leading in and out of the E.D. unit by alarming or locking them depending on the asset type and location.
  3. Thirdly, it enabled dramatic improvements in staff time efficiency by eliminating wasted time and resources from having to search for assets. Staff efficiency improvements ranged from 10-20% per shift. This enabled resources that were spending time looking for assets to be deployed to other more efficient tasks.
  4. Fourth, it enabled all assets in the E.D. to be right sized in inventory. This eliminated waste in tied up assets that were not needed for use in the E.D. while making them available where they were needed elsewhere in the Hospital. This avoids the cost of having to purchase more equipment which also reduces the calibration and maintenance costs of any purchased additional equipment. Inventory reductions ranged from 45% to 70%.
  5. Fifth, the above four goals were met with a demonstrated Return on Investment (ROI) of less than one year. This is due in large part to the reduced amount of hardware required to deploy the ENVisionIT product and the reduced installation costs.

Matt Blevins, Chief Operating Officer sees the use of ENVisionIT at Gateway Regional Medical Center as an invaluable business tool in reducing operating costs on both an annual basis and upon installation while also optimizing the use of resources to improve patient care. According to Matt Blevins, “The team at Gateway Regional Medical Center is always looking for ‘Next Generation’ technology to provide an ever-increasing level of care for their patients. We see the ENVisionIT® Real Time Locating Solution from Secure Care Products as yet another example of technology helping with patient care at Gateway Regional Medical Center.”

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