The infant protection solution that evolves with your hospital.

baby in hospital nursery infant security

There are many layers to your hospital’s infant safety protocols.

Secure Care Products was the first in the market to offer a wireless infant protection solution. We’ve spent decades serving the needs of hospital labor & delivery departments, maternity units and NICU/PICUs. We strive daily to provide the highest quality products and levels of service required to support you and your staff.

KinderGUARD serves as a personal guard for each infant in your care. Provide peace of mind to new parents. The small ankle transmitter is a visible sign to parents and loved ones that you take safety and security seriously. A visible sign that you and your staff are well-equipped to protect the newest member of their family. Infant protection technology can offer peace of mind for new parents, and aid in protecting your hospital’s reputation.

Mother/baby matching, abduction prevention, integration with cameras and card access are all key features of the KinderGUARD infant security solution. KinderGUARD Evolution Series is designed to evolve with your hospital’s needs. The new Evolution series helps future-proof your infant security investment by enabling a greater level of flexibility without the need to swap out hardware. It is easy to learn, easy to use and easy to manage.

KinderGUARD infant cutband straps and transmitters
  • KinderGUARD Evolution series is computer-enhanced, not computer-dependent – so your tiniest patients are protected, even in the event of computer downtime
  • Our soft and flexible straps are comfortable against sensitive newborn skin
  • Reliable cutband design is a superior alternative that generates fewer nuisance alarms than traditional skin-sensing straps
  • Automatic enrollment ensures immediate protection of each infant as transmitters are applied to newborns
  • Active transmitters worn by infants have a “heartbeat” that checks in with the system every 7 to 10 seconds for total supervision

Evolution provides the basics of any infant protection system, with some unique added features.

  • Touch screen design for a fresh, updated look and ease of use
  • Conveniently tune detection zones to create custom protected exits using software
  • Details of alerts and alarms are sent to the right people no matter where they are using the mVision® mobile app
  • Integration to nurse call or other communication and security systems
  • Zone-based location information for alert and alarm events
KinderGUARD Evolution Series exit hardware

Secure Care Products has spent four decades serving the healthcare market with a range of patient safety solutions. Through our extensive network of certified integrators, we’re able to ensure you get a solution specifically suited to your facility’s needs, installed in a professional and timely manner, by experts in active RF and wireless safety technology.

To learn more about the Evolution series of KinderGUARD Infant Protection, contact your local certified integrator or call us directly.