Safe, Sound and Secure Care for your Tiniest Patients

infant security systems

Provide protection and peace of mind for your most vulnerable patients.  At Secure Care Products, we believe that total infant security extends beyond the prevention of infant abductions.

While not as well documented, mother-baby mix-ups and breast milk storage mismanagement are other possible liability risks for NICUs, labor and delivery departments, nurseries and maternity units.  Such incidents can lead to costly litigation, possible health risks, and consequential damage of a facility’s reputation. Guarding the security of each newborn or child through a well-established set of policies and procedures is critical.  With the addition of an electronic monitoring and tracking systems like KinderGUARD®, your facility can provide the most comprehensive protection possible.  Our technology, enhances your rigorous safety protocols to aid in the prevention of potential abductions, baby mix-ups and infant hospital acquired infections.

Seeing a KinderGUARD transmitter on their baby’s ankle gives parents visible proof that their child will remain safe, sound and secure in your care.  This special device features cutband technology and has a “heartbeat” that checks in with the system every 7 to 10 seconds.  So you’ll know within seconds if someone tampers with or tries to remove the transmitter.  The Secure Care Software enables quick admit/discharge, and makes transfers easy, allowing you to spend more time caring for patients, not working on the computer.

Secure Care Products and its certified distributors will work closely with you to create a customized and comprehensive infant protection solution which can include:

  • Mother-Baby Matching
  • Mobile Alarm and Alert Notifications
  • Reporting and Dashboards
  • And much more…

Find out how we can help you better protect your tiniest and most precious patients with our Find out how we can help you better protect your tiniest and most precious patients with KinderGUARD®, our latest infant security solution.

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