Ensuring the safety of your residents is critical.

wander management

The dangers of resident elopements are extensive and can have permanent catastrophic effects.

For at risk patients, chaotic and confusing surroundings can be overwhelming and can trigger wandering tendencies causing him/her to potentially get lost, travel to unsafe areas of a facility (e.g. rooftop or balcony) or elope entirely unnoticed.

Our Door GUARDIAN® system allows long term care facilities and hospitals to:

  • monitor wandering patients, including the ability to lock down specific doors
  • facilities may also track the exact location of a patient who might wander and set rules to send alerts to staff based upon a wandering patient’s location with the addition of our ENVisionIT® RTLS solution
  • use our mvision® mobile app to take immediate action

Whether you are looking solely to protect wandering residents using Access Control or need a more dynamic system to permit normal traffic flow, our Wander Management experts will design a system that fits your facility’s needs and budget.

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