Benefits of Location-Based Data Solutions for Staff Safety

Posted on February 1, 2023

Location-Based Data Solutions

Using location-based data solutions or LBDS in your facility can boost staff safety significantly. It can be great for keeping track of where staff are in the event of an emergency and day-to-day operations and can help you boost the overall safety for staff members in your facility. Secure Care has created a location-based data solution that is highly reliable for boosting staff and resident safety. These innovative solutions have been crafted with humans in mind, with the goal of building trust and long-term relationships with facility staff. Secure Care has been a leader in boosting staff safety for over 40 years, and their expertise ranges from memory care facilities to infant protection. With many partnerships and countless successful facility solutions, Secure Care location-based data solutions are reliable when it comes to increasing staff safety.

What are Location-Based Data Solutions?

Location based data solutions (LBDS) use GPS locating software that notes and reports the pinpoint location of the radio-frequency identification (RFID) chip counterpart technology. These RFID chips use active radio frequency identification and WiFi systems to locate and report the instant location of the chip, and you can assign a chip to each staff member. These chips can be attached directly to employees as badges or ID cards with embedded chips – removing the need for additional hardware like scanners and readers throughout the facility to grant access to employee only spaces. The chips allow for a lot more freedom when it comes to staff monitoring, because you do not have to set up sedentary check-in desks or hubs for staff members to check in and out of as they go throughout their day. Instead, you can program your LBDS to alert higher-ups in the event a staff member is out of authorized range, and will allow you to determine how they got there and when – all in real-time.

Utilizing LBDS in Emergencies

Taking advantage of LBDS in your facility can be an incredibly valuable asset in the event of an emergency. You can instantly see who is near the incident, and who is most at risk of injury or danger. LBDS can also be used to pinpoint which staff members are nearby that can lend assistance and get a clear picture of response time to aid residents or guests. In the event someone goes missing, you can account for everyone instantly and see exactly where they are at that moment, including who is out of range or somewhere they are not authorized to be. LBDS can even alert you to an emergency before you are aware it is occurring.

Boost Staff Safety

Location-based data solutions can also be used to monitor the location of your staff to determine where they spend their time throughout the workday to create safety plans and facility awareness. Knowing this information allows you to make more informed decisions about how many and which staff members to send out in the event of an emergency and determine who should be in the area at that time.

LBDS allow you to get a full understanding of your facility and how your staff operate throughout the day-to-day. You can instantly locate all employees, see where they are in relation to residents and one another, and connect with them efficiently – cutting down response time to minutes.

Location Based Data Gives You an Advantage

Integrating LBDS into your facility can boost staff safety and productivity significantly. Instead of having to rely on in-person or otherwise verbal communication to locate your staff members, you can use your software to pinpoint exactly where they are at that moment, as well as how they got there and when. This is incredibly useful in the event of an emergency or even just day-to-day operations. Rather than assuming your staff are where you think they might be, you can instantly locate them and connect with them on anything important. In the event of an emergency, you can pinpoint which staff members are in the closest proximity and able to lend help, while also seeing who nearest residents and their guests to ensure incidents remain contained.

LBDS can be fully customized to fit the size and layout of your facility, and you can indicate special zones that will trigger alerts when entered by unauthorized staff members. To learn more about the right LBDS setup for your facility, contact Secure Care Products today.

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