Boosting Patient and Staff Safety with LBDS

Posted on November 1, 2023

Location-Based Data Solutions

Location-based data solutions (LBDS) are highly effective at boosting patient and staff safety in memory care facilities. Utilizing a LBDS safety system in your facility allows you to offer top-notch care without compromising on safety and independence.

Why are LBDS Needed?

Staff in memory care facilities bear many different responsibilities, and a reliable LBDS safety solution assists employees in supervising and overseeing residents while upholding their privacy and independence. In a residential care setting, numerous tasks and operations take place at the same time, including exercise and wellness programs, meal schedules, medication administration, personal care services (including physical therapy and transportation), housekeeping, and facility maintenance. Given the multifaceted nature of these operations, it becomes a challenge for staff to maintain continuous surveillance of each resident. This is where an LBDS safety solution can help.

A dependable LBDS safety system ensures non-invasive monitoring of residents, triggers alerts in the event of breaches in secure areas and allows staff members an elevated level of awareness regarding resident activities and whereabouts. Many memory care facilities opt to implement a LBDS safety solution to do just that, which streamlines staff responsibilities by monitoring residents, staff personnel, and valuable assets. A multitude of location-based data solutions offer real-time information and user-friendly mobile applications that empower staff and management to swiftly access patient locations and roaming details directly from their handheld devices.

How LBDS Safety Increases Visibility

The implementation of LBDS safety in memory care facility safety solutions significantly improves the overall situational awareness within your facility. It does so by tracking the whereabouts of residents in real time, their movement patterns, and their path taken. Location-Based Data Solutions leverage GPS-based locating software to precisely monitor and relay the precise positions of RFID chips. These chips, which utilize active radio frequency identification and WiFi systems, promptly transmit their location information. By assigning a unique chip to each resident and staff member, you can affix it directly to their bracelets or ID cards, removing the need for additional hardware such as scanners or readers throughout the facility for granting access to secure areas. LBDS can be extended to staff members, granting them access to restricted areas without relying on traditional keys.

Boost Resident Independence

Incorporating wander management systems within memory care facilities enhances the sense of safety among both staff members and the families of residents. The knowledge that a dependable system is continuously overseeing the whereabouts and well-being of residents instills confidence, even when direct visual supervision is not always possible. This technology empowers your staff to deliver superior care while respecting residents’ autonomy, as it enables them to explore the facility independently without compromising their safety. Instead of feeling like they are being watched at all times, residents can feel free to walk around while your LBDS ensures they are safe and secure.

LBDS Allow You to Offer the Best Care

Incorporating LBDS safety solutions into your facility’s operations can significantly enhance the safety of residents receiving memory care. The inclusion of a reliable LBDS system yields numerous advantages, including heightened visibility, consistent operational performance, enhanced peace of mind, and greater resident independence. Location-based data solutions, characterized by their reliability and adaptability, are instrumental in optimizing facility operations. The deployment of a dependable LBDS safety system, such as the offerings provided by Secure Care Products, can significantly elevate the standard of care delivered to residents, thereby enhancing overall safety in memory care facilities. Whether you are looking for an overhaul of your resident safety solutions or are aiming to enhance your existing setup, Secure Care offers a diverse range of LBDS safety solutions tailored to the specific needs and requirements of your patients, your staff, and your facility.

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