How to Assist Staff in Keeping Track of Resident Safety with LBDS

Posted on February 2, 2024

Location-Based Data Solutions

In most residential care facilities, there are dozens of residents, all with different care needs and schedules. As a result, staff members require adaptable, strategic solutions to keep up with the growing number of residents in need of comprehensive care. Integrating location-based data solutions (LBDS) into your residential care facility can aid staff in ensuring the safety and well-being of residents day in and day out. With so many operations going on at any given time, LBDS can boost resident safety and help staff maintain a cohesive flow of care.

Keep Residents Safe Without Hindering Independence

LBDS safety solutions not only elevate the overall quality of life for residents, but they also promote their independence. LBDS, as seen in Secure Care Products, distinguish themselves with user-friendly features and seamless integration into any facility. Emphasizing the preservation of residents’ autonomy, these solutions effectively address staff safety concerns while respecting residents’ individual privacy.

Leveraging existing practices, such as wearing identification badges or bracelets, LBDS integration is straightforward and easy to implement. The Bluetooth chips powering these solutions have a subtle design, discreetly becoming part of your established monitoring system infrastructure. With independence being a main concern when it comes to maintaining resident safety, LBDS stand as a viable option for facilities looking to provide personalized care while fostering a sense of security and freedom.

Respond to Emergencies Promptly

Wander management is a key pain point for many residential care facilities. Many residents have a tendency to wander either with an intended goal or seemingly without any particular destination, resulting in them getting lost or entering unsafe areas. LBDS can address this concern by keeping track of residents’ locations and alerting staff to breaches in boundaries. In the event of a resident getting lost, LBDS steps in to provide real-time accountability, delivering precise location information for each person, even those wandering beyond designated areas or entering unauthorized zones. This elevates overall facility safety and helps staff ensure their residents are safe and secure, while reducing miscommunications amongst staff members in the event of an emergency.

Streamline Resident Safety With LBDS

Location-based data solutions, known for their reliability and adaptability, play a pivotal role in streamlining facility operations. Integrating LBDS safety solutions into the operations of your facility brings forth numerous benefits, including increased visibility, consistent operational excellence, heightened peace of mind, and greater resident independence.

Implementing a dependable LBDS safety system significantly raises the standard of care for residents, ultimately enhancing the level of safety in memory care facilities. Whether you are seeking a comprehensive update to your facility’s resident safety solutions or would like to replace your existing setup, Secure Care provides a diverse range of LBDS safety solutions which you can customize to the specific needs and requirements of your residents, staff, and facility.

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