Preventing Resident Security Concerns with LBDS

Posted on March 9, 2023

Location-Based Data Solutions

Resident security and safety should be top of mind for all residential and memory care facilities. There are several key components of resident security to look out for, and having a reliable security solution can help ensure no resident goes unnoticed. Location-based data solutions (LBDS) and noninvasive tracking devices use specialized software and radio frequency identification (RFID) chips to track, monitor, and report the location of the resident, staff member, or guest wearing the chip, so you can ensure safety throughout your facility with ease.

The Top Resident Security Concerns

There are many different resident security concerns that come along with operating a residential care facility. The top three of which being:

  • Wander management
  • Emergency/urgent response needs
  • Noninvasive monitoring

LBDS can help you ensure you know where your residents are at all times, who they are with, and what their general status is. You can see where they are, how they got there, and when – all without being invasive. This type of resident security solution helps maintain the independence of residents, without reducing the levels of safety and supervision. The RFID chips that share the resident’s location can be easily embedded into a name badge or bracelet to ensure a comfortable fit for the wearer.

Wander Management

Residents in memory care facilities are prone to wandering and may be unable to return easily to familiar spaces. Instead of having to send out a small search party to locate the wandering resident, you can use the LBDS software to see exactly where they are within your facility at that moment. To prevent wandering in the first place, you can also set perimeters that are authorized for your residents and set an alert to go off if a resident wanders out of the boundary. This allows residents to move throughout the facility freely without being under constant visual supervision, and gives staff and their loved ones peace of mind that they are safe and secure at all times. A highly responsive wander management solution can make a huge difference in the quality of life for your residents.

Emergency Response

LBDS are a valuable tool when it comes to emergency or urgent response events. Reliable resident security solutions should be doing consistent work at keeping residents and staff safe, but in the event of an emergency such as a resident falling, LBDS can come in handy to efficiently locate and help the resident in need. The software can also be useful in non-emergency but still urgent situations, such as dispensing time sensitive medications or locating residents for medical care appointments. Being able to instantly locate and connect with residents helps ensure they are getting the highest level of care possible.

Maintaining Independence

All good resident security solutions are crafted with well-being and quality of life in mind. Location-based data solutions like Secure Care Products’ are noninvasive and can be integrated seamlessly into any facility. Maintaining independence is key to giving residents a high-quality life, and no one wants to feel as though their every move is being watched. LBDS take care of resident security concerns without infringing on independence, and still provide the utmost safety. Most residents already wear some sort of identification badge or bracelet on their persons at all times. The RFID chips that power the LBDS are very sleek and can easily be integrated into the preexisting infrastructure of your resident monitoring system. Instead of having to manually scan residents in and out of certain areas or activities, you can rely on the LBDS software to monitor, record, and alert the status of your residents throughout each day.

Boost Your Resident Security with LBDS

LBDS can help you establish a solid resident security solution in your facility. Your residents are vulnerable, and their loved ones trust you with their care, it only makes sense to have the most reliable solution available. LBDS such as Secure Care Products’ own solutions can make a world of a difference in the quality of care your residents receive. Whether you are looking to completely rethink your resident security solutions or are looking to boost your preexisting setup, Secure Care has the LBDS that is perfect for your facility and its needs.

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