How to Optimize Wander Management in the Senior Care Industry

Posted on December 21, 2022

Wander Management

The residents in senior care facilities rely on the staff members for just about everything, from mealtimes to their daily medications, everything they do is overseen by a team of caregivers. With so much hands-on care from caregivers, it can be hard for seniors in these care facilities to maintain their independence. Having a cohesive, reliable wander management solution in your long-term senior care facility can reduce the level of in person monitoring requested, allowing your senior residents to roam around the facility with more independence.

Minimize Risks Before They Happen

Many residents in senior care facilities struggle with memory and locational awareness, so using location-based data solutions (LBDS) is often the most reliable form of wander management. LBDS uses RFID chips and signal transmitters to communicate the pinpoint location of the chip in real time. These chips are miniscule, so they can be used on resident or staff ID badges that are worn at all times and can also be installed into your vehicles to maximize visibility. The use of LBDS on both residents and staff provides your senior care facility with a comprehensive wander management solution that you can rely on.

LBDS allows you to see who comes and goes throughout your facility, and where they go while there. In the event of an emergency, you can keep track of your residents and employee’s exact location and get them the help they need. Additionally, you can also keep track of which staff and residents are nearby to prevent exposure or further accidents. This can be an incredibly valuable asset in the event of a missing resident or in the instance a resident is not where they should be, because you are able to see their wandering in real time. This allows you to identify mishaps and minimize risks before they have the chance to happen, avoiding major injuries and consequences.

Improve Communication Channels

Having a clear, reliable wander management solution in your long-term senior care facility can also add a lot of value when it comes to maintaining open communication channels. Instead of having to make direct contact with residents to check statuses or monitor their conditions, management and leadership can use their LBDS to access the data in real time, or at their leisure. This boosts the safety of your employees and residents by allowing remote, instant access to the location and status of any resident. This brings peace of mind all around to employees, residents, and their loved ones. Additionally, if there are specific areas you would like to designate as “off-limits” to your residents, you can set a boundary and program the LBDS to notify you in the event your residents exit their boundaries. Wander management improves communication channels by making essential information more accessible, without disrupting the safety or operations of your staff and residents.

High Visibility is Best

When it comes to wander management for senior care facilities, it is important that you have a reliable, highly visible solution. The more aware you are of your residents without restricting their independence, the better. Using location-based data solutions in your wander management solution can increase your visibility capability significantly. Instead of having to rely on check-ins throughout the day or constant supervision, you can monitor the real time movement of your residents without limiting their sense of independence. When paired with other security and safety management solutions, senior care facilities can create a standard for management and monitoring that ensures safety, without being invasive. Unlike security cameras which can feel invasive and can be unreliable, LBDS provides the real time location of the RFID chip with precision and reliability. Instead of having to rely on visual cues, management can immediately identify who has been moved where using the unique ID number.

Wander management is essential for keeping your senior care residents happy and independent, what have you done to invest in your solution? Connect with the team at Secure Care for a consultation to determine the best wander management solution for your senior care facility.

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