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Should Your Infant Protection System Be Non-Computer Dependent?

With neo-natal care comes the need for a reliable infant protection system that is able to weather the ups and down of a hospital setting. Should your infant protection system be computer dependent? Put another way, do you want your infant protection system to fail should your computer systems be compromised by software & hardware failures? 

How Your Computer Dependent Infant Protection System Can Fail 

While not as well documented, mother-baby mix-ups and breast milk storage mismanagement are other possible liability risks for NICUs, labor and delivery departments, nurseries and maternity units. Such incidents can lead to possible health risks, costly litigation, and consequential damage  to a facility’s reputation. Guarding the security of each newborn or child through a well-established set of policies and procedures is critical. Without an electronic monitoring and tracking system, these issues in the NICU can arise. With the addition of an electronic monitoring and tracking systems like KinderGUARD®, your facility can provide the most comprehensive protection possible.  

A non-computer dependent infant protection system is a secure alternative to computer dependent systems. These systems may be completely autonomous from a computer system, or they may be computer enhanced. The KinderGUARD Evolution Series is an example of a computer enhanced infant protection system. KinderGUARD bypasses the need for a local computer system. To see how this improves on computer dependent systems, let’s discuss how malware adversely impacts your infant protection system. 

Our technology, enhances rigorous safety protocols to aid in the prevention of potential abductions, baby mix-ups and infant hospital acquired infections. 

How a Non-Computer Dependent Infant Protection System Works 

Infants, staff, and assets can also be protected with a real-time locating system (RTLS) as you can begin capturing the location information of anyone or anything tagged within your facility. RTLS provides visibility to how, where, and when people and assets are moving around your facility. Such data allows you to monitor and analyze trends within your facility to make data-driven decisions for operational improvements. Some infant protection systems, like the KinderGUARD Evolution Series, are computer enhanced. This means that additional features can be accessed with the assistance of computers. The possibilities are endless with a real-time location system. 

To learn more about breaking free of computer dependence with your hospital’s infant protection system contact Secure Care for more information. 

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