3 Ways Hotels Can Protect Their Assets using Real-Time Locating Systems

Posted on May 1, 2021

Mobile Solutions

With the hospitality industry staring to ramp up, don’t waste valuable time looking for things you need. Take that time back with real-time locating systems (RTLS) for your hospitality business. With RTLS you’ll maximize on your hotel’s efficiency and be able to properly manage your staff. How else can hotel real-time locating systems help your business? Keep reading to find out.

Staff Safety 

Keep your most valuable asset safe: your staff. Providing panic buttons to your hotel staff is becoming a new requirement in many major metro areas. The ENVisionIT® hotel real-time locating system (RTLS) is an easily scalable solution for hotels. It enables you to provide protection coverage within a certain area of a hotel or across an entire venue. Using RTLS technology to address these recent panic button requirements ensures that your staff receives the fastest response possible in critical situations.

How Can Your Staff Stay Safe? 

  • With staff safety badges are programmed for single panic button push alarm
  • Security receives the panic button notification within seconds and sees exactly who needs help and where they are located
  • Badges can be worn on a lanyard, clip, or adhered to existing ID badge

Mobile Solutions 

Hospitality is a demanding business. You and your staff are constantly on-the-go with nobody sitting around looking at a computer all day. Real-time locating systems, like ENVisionIT® are enhanced with the mVision® mobile app from Secure Care Products, so you can know where your staff and assets are in real-time. This technology allows you to access this information and receive alerts and notifications directly on your mobile devices.

On-the-go Mobil Solutions will Allow Your Staff Access to:

  • Critical panic button notifications sent to mobile devices include a photo of the staff member.
  • Floor map on mobile devices enables fast understanding of the location of the person in need.
  • Panic button alarm sent directly to hotel security and/or other staff members for fastest response.
  • Option to automatically escalate alarms to other staff members when response times are exceeded.

Asset Management 

Having a hotel real-time location solution on-site can significantly increase the operational efficiency and productivity of your venues. The ability to know when and where your staff and equipment is being utilized offers a multitude of benefits. Many sites will recognize return on investment (ROI) for their RTLS installation in less than a year. You can’t improve what you can’t measure, so start tracking for improvement today!

What Can You Track With RTLS? 

  • Track and analyze employee task times based on zonal rules
  • Reduce time wasted looking for staff and inventory
  • Reduce insurance premiums by demonstrating proactive actions to reduce risks in your facility
  • Have real-time location visibility to all staff and operational equipment for tracking and analysis
  • Use analytics to review trends over time, measure progress and reporting for current and historical reference

Thinking about making hotel real-time locating systems a part of your technology? Contact Secure Care Products today. 

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For over 40 years, Secure Care Products has been committed to providing improved safety, security, and locating solutions through best-in-class service and innovative design for your most valuable assets. Protecting people and assets is our business. Secure Care products offers a suite of products including RTLS, wander management, infant protection, asset management, and mobile app solutions. All products are researched, developed, and manufactured in the USA, which ensures superior service, timely delivery, and quality assurance. Using state-of-the-art, advanced technologies, we keep people and assets protected 24/7. Let us know how we can help you by calling 1.800.451.7917 or contact us.


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Secure Care’s long list of satisfied customers throughout the globe is a testament of the quality and value our customers receive with Secure Care’s product line. Whether you need infant security or wandering resident software, or anything in between, Secure Care has a solution that’s right for you. Learn more about our advanced technology so you can advance your organization’s safety.

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