How Real-Time Location Solutions (RTLS) Can Help You Protect Your Assets

Posted on April 1, 2021

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Real-time location information is extremely valuable as it can allow you to monitor inventory or workflow, manage staff, and ensure the safety and security of your employees and guests. Specific needs for a real-time location solution (RTLS) can vary greatly from industry to industry, but at the end of the day — you simply cannot improve or manage what is not being measured.


How are you protecting your employees and limiting the risk to your business? Two factors have been clearly identified for the successful reopening of businesses and the broader economy: Social Distancing  and Contact Tracing. Businesses everywhere are looking for ways to protect their employees, reduce risk to their business and get things back to normal as quickly and safely as possible. But why should you automate contact tracing?

Contact tracing is typically a very manual process and most facilities don’t have extra human resources to manually track the details needed to thoroughly contact trace. Manual processes are also typically prone to human error.

Real-time alerts can promote social distancing and serve as a reminder to maintain space. Perhaps there are some modifications needed to work spaces. Of course, the historical location data enables simple and fast identification of any contacts made inside of the recommended six-foot distance for easy contact tracing later on.


Healthcare executives are constantly concerned with issues of safety at their facility, staff satisfaction, and quality care for patients. A real-time locating system will allow you to efficiently manage your facility, saving you time and money without sacrificing patient care. Maximize your facility’s operations, patient and employee satisfaction scores, and your profits using real-time location solutions that can aide in community care, asset tracking and management, staff safety, and patient security and monitoring.


As more cities, and even states, adopt laws and ordinances requiring the use of panic buttons to increase the protection and safety of hospitality workers, you won’t find a more robust solution than a real-time location solution. This panic button tag silently and quickly triggers notification to hotel security and management within 2-3 seconds of being pressed. The system also allows you to improve efficiency and reduce costs with the real-time information gathered.


Know where your people, inventory, and assets are at all times with real-time location solutions. Manufacturing and warehousing logistics require a lot of moving parts to work smoothly, and sometimes things get lost in the shuffle. RTLS provides your operations team greater visibility to everything going on in production like never before, the potential use cases in manufacturing are virtually endless. The system allows you to assign tags to assets, inventory, and even employees so that you know precisely who or what has been where and for how long. With RTLS for manufacturing and warehousing you can: create tracking to baseline performance, understand where personnel are spending their time, set up rules to trigger notifications if a key piece of equipment goes missing, and more.


Administrators face many challenges in the day-to-day management of their schools. Student and staff safety is obviously a top priority. By assigning badges to staff and students, the user-friendly RLTS software provides total visibility so you know where everyone is at any time in your school. From the software you can also create zones within your building that will trigger notifications to specified staff, allowing you to better control access to certain areas by visitors or others in your school. In an emergency situation, staff can trigger a notification within 2-3 seconds to alert others of a need for security or lockdown.

Secure Care Products offers the ENVisionIT® real-time location solution in order to see how, where, and when people and assets are moving around your facility. This data allows you to monitor and analyze trends within your business to make data-driven decisions for operational improvements. Safeguard your employees and business with real-time location solutions.

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For over 40 years, Secure Care Products has been committed to providing improved safety, security, and locating solutions through best-in-class service and innovative design for your most valuable assets. Protecting people and assets is our business. Secure Care products offers a suite of products including RTLS, wander management, infant protection, asset management, and mobile app solutions. All products are researched, developed, and manufactured in the USA, which ensures superior service, timely delivery, and quality assurance. Using state-of-the-art, advanced technologies, we keep people and assets protected 24/7. Let us know how we can help you by calling 1.800.451.7917 or contact us.


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Secure Care’s long list of satisfied customers throughout the globe is a testament of the quality and value our customers receive with Secure Care’s product line. Whether you need infant security or wandering resident software, or anything in between, Secure Care has a solution that’s right for you. Learn more about our advanced technology so you can advance your organization’s safety.

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